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Global Mission Statement

To establish long-term, globally distributed key university partnerships to leverage complementary strengths to pursue a common strategic vision for higher education and research for resolving some of the global challenges of our time.

Global Impact

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Life Quality

Enabling higher education and research to promote an equitable and secure global society.

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The impact of changing social, technological and natural systems on the human condition.

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Interplay of water, energy, food, health and education for sustainable development.

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The interdependence of local, national and international economies and their effects on the world’s citizens.

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The support of alumni, friends, corporations, and organizations is essential to helping Global Penn State become an international leader, educating the next generation of global citizens.

Patient care and medical research

Health & Safety

The well-being of our faculty, staff, and students abroad is our top priority. Learn about the resources available to support you while abroad, and what you can do to prepare yourself to stay safe overseas.