Returnees and Alumni

Returnee Events

Events for Returning Study Abroad Students Recently back from abroad? Connect with other study abroad returnees with these events on campus back at Penn State.

Share Your Experience

Share your Experience With Potential Study Abroad Students If you enjoyed your study abroad experience and want to share it with students interested in your program, we're looking for your help. The best resources about program specifics come from our returned study abroad students. When requested, we want to provide future and accepted students with contact information of program alumni.

Education Abroad Photo & Writing Contest

Studying abroad is an amazing experience that is often hard to explain. Show us your creativity by submitting your photos and stories from abroad in one of our contests!

Career Development

What Can Study Abroad Do For My Career Path? Studying abroad is a life-changing experience no matter where you’ve been. According to an Institute for the International Education of Students Recent Graduate Study, when compared to their graduated cohort that did not study abroad, study abroad alums:

Get Involved on Campus

Welcome back! So, you have successfully completed your study abroad program and have returned home. Chances are you had an incredible time in your host country and experienced tremendous personal and academic growth. Now that you're back, you may have noticed that you are feeling disoriented or disconnected from your friends and family. Don't worry - that's normal! It's known as "reverse culture shock," and it could take a few months to adjust back to life in the U.S.

Go Abroad… Again!

You’re back from abroad, but your international experience doesn’t have to end here. With proper planning, you can study abroad again. You may consider yourself a seasoned study abroad veteran at this point, but there is still much to be done to prepare for your next adventure.