Returnees and Alumni

Welcome back to Penn State! We hope that you enjoyed your global experience and have started to integrate back into your campus community. While we are sure that you are excited to be back, you may also be starting to miss aspects of your program abroad! Don’t worry - Education Abroad has plenty of resources to help continue the learning you started abroad now that you have returned.

Are you a Penn State alumnus who participated in study, intern, or research abroad and want to remain connected to the Penn State community? Penn State has one of the strongest alumni communities in the world, and we love integrating your perspective and experience into our programming and events for current Education Abroad students.

Returnee Events

Throughout the year, Education Abroad, along with different campuses, academic colleges, and departments, host events for returning education abroad students. Check out upcoming events and ways to stay connected with other returnees who participated in a Penn State Global Education Abroad program.

Share Your Experience

Share your experience with prospective education abroad students. If you enjoyed your study, intern, or research abroad experience and want to share it with students interested in your program, we're looking for your help. The best resources about program specifics come from our returned education abroad students.

Education Abroad Photo & Writing Contests

Studying or interning abroad is a life-changing  opportunity that is often hard to explain in words. Show us your creativity by submitting your photos and stories abroad in one of our contests!

Career Development

Studying, interning, or researching abroad is a life-changing experience no matter where you’ve been. Education Abroad programs provide unique skills and experiences that many employers are looking for and many Education Abroad alumni use in their career development.

Get Involved on Campus

Don’t let your global experience end upon returning to your home campus!  One of the best ways to extend your Education Abroad experience is to continue connecting with global communities after you return from your program. Penn State has a diverse global community with many opportunities to take advantage of while you’re a student. Find out more about how to build your network and expand your cultural involvement.

Go Abroad… Again!

You’re back from abroad, but your global experience doesn’t have to end there. With proper planning, you can study abroad again, or intern, or research! You may consider yourself a seasoned education abroad veteran at this point, but there is still much to be done to prepare for your next adventure.