Returnee Events

Throughout the year, Education Abroad, along with different campuses, academic colleges, and departments, host events for returning education abroad students. Check out upcoming events and ways to stay connected with other returnees who participated in a Penn State Global Education Abroad program.

Events for Returning Study Abroad Students

Recently back from abroad? Welcome to the large community of returned education abroad students who are likely going through a similar adjustment period of life back at Penn State. Connect with other education abroad returnees with these events on campus back at Penn State.

A World in Conversation Session

Returning from an education abroad can be challenging as you attempt to process your experience while also integrating back into life at Penn State.  This World in Conversation session offered by Penn State Global is an online facilitated dialogue that will give you the chance to have a meaningful exchange with others going through a similar transition and allow you to reflect on your time abroad in a supportive environment.

What is a World in Conversation session? World in Conversation (opens in a new tab) (WinC) is a center that trains students to facilitate dialogues using a method designed to solve problems that are timely and complex. WinC facilitators-in-training will lead the dialogue you join. No matter what topic is examined in your group, it will give you the chance to consider divergent perspectives, disagree meaningfully, and think together. These skills will help you in future work and personal environments where you work as a group to tackle complex and nuanced topics in respectful and collaborative environment.

Put Your Education Abroad to Work Webinar

Date and Time: Coming Soon!

This workshop will highlight ways to capitalize on international education experiences. Check back soon for more information!


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