Program Options

There are many ways to gain international experience while in college including for-credit academic study abroad, internships abroad, and service-learning opportunities. Learn about the different study abroad program options available to your Penn State student so you can help support them as they choose a program that fits their academic, personal, and professional goals.

Penn State Education Abroad Programs

The Education Abroad Office offers an approved list of programs to Penn State students. Programs that are approved by the Education Abroad Office have been thoroughly vetted by an academic college.

Penn State International Internships

More and more students are choosing to complete internships during their college careers as a way to prepare for the workforce. Students who are interested in gaining international experience while also building critical skills for their future should consider one of our academic internship study options. 

Penn State vs. Non-Penn State Programs

Penn State Education Abroad strives to provide a diverse portfolio of approved programs that meet the personal, professional, and academic goals of all our students. However, sometimes students find another program they feel is a better fit for them, or if they have missed our deadlines, may need to consider studying abroad on a non-Penn State program. 

Non-credit Bearing International Experiences

Non-credit bearing international experiences include things like volunteering abroad, working abroad, and traveling with student organizations.