Choosing a Program/Study Experience

There are many ways to gain international experience while in college including for-credit academic study abroad, internships abroad, and service-learning opportunities. Learn about the different study abroad program options available to you as a Penn State student. 

Tips for Choosing a Program

Not sure which study abroad program is right for you? Take these tips into consideration while you explore your options!

Penn State Education Abroad Programs

The Education Abroad Office offers an approved list of programs to Penn State students. Programs that are approved by the Education Abroad Office have been thoroughly vetted by an academic college. Programs are approved when they:

Non-Penn State Programs

Students may choose to participate on a study abroad program that is not officially approved by Penn State Education Abroad. These programs are referred to as "non-Penn State programs," and they often involve several additional steps that students must complete in order to receive academic credit. Before making this decision we highly recommend that you research options approved by Penn State to see if one of our programs meets your needs. If you do decide to pursue a non-approved program then there are many factors you will need to consider and discuss with your family.

Internships, Field Study, and Research Abroad

Students interested in gaining international experience while also building critical skills for their personal and professional development should consider one of our academic internships, field study, or research abroad options.

Non-Credit Bearing Experiences

Non-credit bearing international experiences include things like volunteering abroad, working abroad, and traveling with student organizations. 

Perreault Fellows Program

International Internship and Global Leadership Fellowship The Perreault Fellows Program is a competitive global leadership and internship program that prepares students from multiple disciplines for personal and professional excellence through learning in cross-cultural leadership, ethics, service, personal-mentoring, and an internship abroad related to health and the betterment of human condition broadly speaking. Each year the program seeks to enroll a diverse group of Penn State undergraduates in a 2-year, co-curricular program, the centerpiece of which is an internship abroad during the summer between the junior and senior years.