Advising Students Interested in Education Abroad

Students have many questions while preparing to study abroad.  Please review these guidelines for advising students throughout the process.

Academic Adviser’s Role

The education abroad preparation and international course selection processes can be confusing and, at times, frustrating because students have to shuffle between their Education Abroad adviser and academic adviser. This section will explain the role of the academic advisers so that students understand what questions they should be asking to whom – and when!

Education Abroad Adviser’s Role

An Education Abroad adviser can provide information about the details of various study abroad locations and programs.  They are familiar with the courses, support services, application processes, housing details, program costs, cultural expectations, pre-departure requirements, and student feedback with regard to approved Penn State education abroad programs.  They support students throughout the study abroad experience.

Campus and College Representative Role

At Penn State, each campus location and academic college has a designated representative who can meet with students who want to start the process of preparing to study abroad.  The Education Abroad office encourages all students to contact the international programs/study abroad coordinator in their respective college or at their campus location. These coordinators are excellent resources for students, and can help with the following:

Completing a Recommendation

Many Penn State faculty and advisers, at some point, will be requested to complete a recommendation for a student's study abroad application. Education Abroad recommendations are electronic and include specific questions regarding the student's readiness to go abroad. Faculty members and academic advisers are ideal choices as references because they are most familiar with a student's academic needs and abilities, and we consider your honest comments very seriously. Faculty, staff, or teaching assistants who are leading education abroad programs themselves should not submit the recommendation on behalf of a student for their own program.  The student should select another eligible recommender so as to keep the application process impartial.

Course Equivalency for Faculty & Advisers