What to Do in an Emergency

If you experience an emergency while traveling internationally, immediately seek local assistance. You can contact Penn State and the University's international insurance provider 24/7 for help.

Depending on the type of emergency, you may take one, some, or all of the following steps:

  • Contact the local police or emergency services
  • If you are an American citizen, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy, Consulate, or Diplomatic Mission.
  • If you are not an American citizen, contact the consulate for your country of citizenship.
  • Contact the local institution or organization at which you are working or studying

Who to Call In Country

Penn State

  • Contact Penn State Global Safety at at our 24/7 emergency mobile phone with call/text/WhatsApp capability: +1-814-360-2829
  • If participating in an education abroad program, contact your Education Abroad Adviser once the situation is under control

Medical Emergencies

  • Go immediately to the nearest medical facility, and when able, contact International SOS’s 24/7 assistance via call (+1-215-942-8478) or mobile app.

More Resources

Please see the U.S. Department of State Emergencies and Crises Advice website for additional information.