Study Abroad Scholarships

After considering the costs of a study abroad program it is time to begin researching scholarships and funding opportunities available both at Penn State and externally.

There are many scholarships for study abroad. Research scholarships well in advance of studying abroad, as some national scholarships are due six months to more than a year prior to your study abroad program. Requirements for every individual scholarship will vary, but with proper planning and commitment, scholarship opportunities are available for a wide variety of students and study abroad programs.

The Easy Guide to Study Abroad Scholarships

This guide should be used as a starting point when looking for scholarships and other financial aid to defray the costs of studying abroad. It is not, however, a comprehensive list of all available scholarships. Students are encouraged to search on their own for additional funding, and through the databases provided on our External Scholarship Databases webpage.

Penn State Education Abroad Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered through the Education Abroad Office for students studying on approved Penn State programs. Penn State students participating in officially sponsored Education Abroad programs are eligible.

External Scholarship Databases

Search for a number of different scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities through organizations outside of Penn State.

Tips for Success

Don't let wories about finances prevent you from studying abroad: you may be able to secure partial or full funding for your journey with the many need-based or academic-based education abroad scholarships that are available. You need only to apply! Get your applications started as soon as possible and be a competitive candidate.