Safety and Security

Global Programs COVID-19 Information & Resources

International Student Town Hall Penn State Global Programs hosted a virtual town hall for international students on April 21, to provide updates and answers to students’ most pressing concerns regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic. Students are invited to view the archived town hall.

What to Do in an Emergency

If you experience an emergency while traveling internationally, immediately seek local assistance. You can contact Penn State and the University's international insurance provider 24/7 for help.

Travel & Safety Tips to Know Before You Go

Through planning and research you can prevent or be prepared for many of the common issues you might face in adjusting to a different environment overseas, such as: how to guard against petty theft, mitigate the risks of road safety, be cautious about water activities, maintain a low profile, and stay in touch with colleagues/loved ones.

Additional Considerations for Certain Travelers

When traveling internationally, there are additional considerations for certain travelers, including women travelers, LGBTQ travelers, travelers with disabilities, and first time travelers.  Being aware of unique country situations that you may encounter can help you plan for a safe and successful international experience.


There are many different resources that are available for Penn State faculty, staff, students and parents regarding international travel. Here are some resources that the traveler should use to assist them in preparing for international travel.