I'm Approved...What's Next?

Congratulations on your approval for your study abroad program! Your time abroad will be a challenging and rewarding experience academically and personally. However, before you step on the plane and travel to your host country, there are several tasks that will require your attention.

How to Commit

Congratulations on your approval to participate in an education abroad program with Penn State! Once you have received this approval from Penn State, the next step is to consider either accepting that approval (commitment) or declining by the commitment deadline. You should take your time to review the legally binding commitment documents in your Penn State application portal and education abroad policies before electronically signing these documents. 

Pre-Departure Orientation Process

Now that you have committed to your study abroad program it is time to begin preparing for your experience overseas. All students studying abroad through Penn State are required to complete an orientation process that covers a variety of topics intended to prepare you for your time abroad. The orientation process begins with completing a mandatory online orientation course. Students will also be invited to participate in several orientation workshops the semester prior to study.

Education Abroad Policies (no longer in use)

Note: This page is no longer in use. Please visit the Education Abroad Policies section of our website for an updated and comprehensive list of our policies.