Global Programs Travel Grants

Global Programs maintains funds to support travel related to internationalizing education and research opportunities in any discipline. 

Please feel free to apply for any of the following grants. However, a project can only be awarded one grant per cycle.

Commonwealth Campuses Group Travel Grant

Global Programs Faculty Travel Grants

Global Programs maintains a fund to support faculty travel related to developing global awareness, global literacy and global competency among our undergraduate population. The Faculty Travel Grant (up to a maximum of $3,000 per project) supports faculty members traveling abroad for a short-term stay (1-4 weeks).

Global Programs Graduate Student Travel Grants

Global Programs maintains a fund to support international travel by Penn State graduate students.  The main use of graduate student travel grant funds is to assist students in presenting their scholarly work at international conferences or other major professional meetings. Funds may also be used to support research. Workshops, internships and other activities are not eligible for funding. Graduate student travel grants are intended to promote Penn State’s global leadership in scholarship and international engagement.

Wilderness First Aid Training Grant

The Global Safety Office (GSO) has made available a limited number of grants for undergraduate or graduate students to participate in wilderness first aid training. To qualify, a student’s international travel must support Penn State academic goals that require remote or rural international travel.