Non-Credit Bearing Experiences

Non-credit bearing international experiences include things like volunteering abroad, working abroad, and traveling with student organizations. 

Student Organization Travel

Student organizations sponsored by Penn State who are traveling overseas must register in the Travel Safety Network and receive approval from the Student Affairs office

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer opportunities abroad are a great non-academic international experience. There are many organizations that organize service trips in other countries. 

  • Volunteer@PSU has information on a variety of volunteering opportunities including some that are abroad.
  • Global Brigades is an organization that aims to resolve health and economic disparities around the world. 
  • Habitat for Humanity offers building opportunities all around the world. 
  • Peace Corps is a government-sponsored volunteer and community engagement program with placements available in countries around the world.
  • is a global networking and searchable database of nonprofit organizations.

Other Opportunities

There are a multitude of international opportunities available to students. Haven't found something that interests you? Do some more research through these well-known sites that are not affiliated with Penn State.

  • is a searchable database for work, volunteer, and intern opportunities overseas.
  • Transitions Abroad is a searchable database of all forms of work, volunteer and internships abroad.
  • IIEPassport is a database service from the Institute of International Education.