Meet With an Education Abroad Adviser

Education abroad advisers work with a specific portfolio of programs and can help answer questions about your program of interest including how other programs compare, the application process, pre-departure processes, and cultural preparation.

General Questions or Need Help Choosing a Program?

  • Visit our Steps to Study Abroad to learn more about how to get started
  • View our online Study Abroad 101 module
  • Talk to a peer adviser, who can help you narrow down your options before meeting with an education abroad adviser
    • Note that peer advisers are not available during the summer months (May through August)

Guidelines for Scheduling an Advising Appointment (during the fall and spring semesters)

  • Find your education abroad adviser in Starfish.
  • Please list the following in the description box when scheduling an appointment:
    • Write the name of the region, country, or program you are interested in
    • List topics of discussion and please be as detailed as possible. For example: application process, costs & funding, travel logistics, health & safety, etc.
    • If you do not write anything in the description box, your appointment will be canceled and you will be asked to reschedule and include a description of your questions/interests
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please cancel it in advance so that another student may take that advising slot.

Find Your Education Abroad Adviser

Please schedule an appointment with the correct adviser based on a location or program you are interested in.

Education Abroad Adviser Name Email Address Portfolio of Programs Schedule an Appointment in Starfish Visit our Virtual Offices
Tineka Lebrun (Advising Manager) Africa, Ireland, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Perreault Fellows, EuroScholars, PIRE Schedule an Appointment with Tineka Visit Tineka's Virtual Office
Kristin Franco Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Arcadia STEM Summer Research Schedule an Appointment with Kristin Visit Kristin's Virtual Office
Sara Paliga Barcelona, Croatia Schedule an Appointment with Sara Visit Sara's Virtual Office
Jamie Weaver Austria, CIEE Global Institutes, Germany, Greece, Latin America, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain Schedule an Appointment with Jamie Visit Jamie's Virtual Office
Johnna Weston Asia, Australia, the Czech Republic, France, New Zealand, Russia Schedule an Appointment with Johnna Visit Johnna's Virtual Office

Summer Advising Appointments

If you are interested in meeting with an Education Abroad adviser during the summer (May through August), please email the appropriate adviser using the table on this page in the "Find Your Education Abroad Adviser" section. We do not publish advising appointments in Starfish outside of the fall and spring semesters, but we are happy to connect with you via email to schedule a meeting based on our availability in the summer.