Education Abroad Course Planning Tool

Use this tool to research courses and discuss your academic plan with your academic adviser to better understand how study abroad will fit into your degree requirements.

This tool is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the courses available on your chosen education abroad program and to help you understand the academic parameters you will use to choose courses abroad. This tool is not course registration and does not guarantee any course’s availability.

Education Abroad Course Planning Tool - Fillable PDF

Education Abroad Course Planning Tool - Word Document

Tips for Completing the Form

Course Lists

Instructions on how to find courses are listed under the “Academics” tab of your program’s page on the Penn State Education Abroad website. There you will find a link to the host or partner institution along with an explanation of the academic system and terminology.

Number of Courses Abroad

You must take a “full load” as determined by your program. The number of courses that constitute a full load varies from program to program, so please read through the requirements on the “Academics” tab of your program’s page.

Degree Requirements

In consultation with your academic adviser, you will determine which courses are appropriate to take abroad and which requirements they are likely to fulfill. You can reference the Undergraduate University Bulletin for an explanation of the General Education requirements (GA, GH, etc.).

Credit Conversion

Under the “Academics” tab of your program’s page, you will find a credit conversion scale that tells you how many Penn State credits equal the credits for a course on your program.

Program Historical Course List and Course Equivalency Process

On each program page, there is a link to courses that have already been given a Penn State course number through the course equivalency process (CEQ). This can help in determining how courses will be evaluated. However, you can take a course that is not listed on the program historical course list. To do so, you will need to submit the syllabus for that course through the CEQ process. You should consult with your academic adviser on which requirements the course might fulfill.


All internship courses must be submitted through the CEQ process individually upon return to campus. Some departments require pre-approval for internship credit. You are responsible for working with your academic adviser to understand the process in your department.


If you have any questions about completing the Course Planning Tool, please contact the education abroad adviser for your program.