Program Leader Responsibilities

Leading an education abroad program is a demanding yet rewarding opportunity.  The following is required of Education Abroad (EA) faculty leaders for most programs:

  • Academic expertise in the content areas covered by the courses for which credit will be awarded
  • Organizing and planning skills, and the ability to keep track of a number of details simultaneously
  • Recruitment techniques and enthusiasm—you must be willing to spend time speaking with students (both in groups and individually) to promote the program
  • The ability to handle the physical and emotional demands of the program abroad; some short-term programs involve daily tours of sites as well as frequent field study travel by bus where you and your students are on the move which can be rigorous  
  • Willingness to be “on-call” 24 hours per day for the duration of the program and to take charge in any situation where students need to be directed, rather than consulted
  • Appreciation for the increased contact with students that is inevitable in a field-based setting  and commitment to collaborate and communicate with Global Programs especially in regard to the safety and well-being of students; 
  • First-hand, specifically relevant experience in the country/ies hosting the program (strongly preferred).
  • Agreement to serve as 24/7 contact person in the event of an emergency or urgent situation that may arise abroad.
  • Prior to start of education abroad program, completion of required emergency preparedness workshop at least once every two years.