Travel Safety Network (TSN)

All students, faculty, and staff traveling either in a group or individually for University purposes (with a club, organization, team, college, or department) or with University funding must record international travel in the TSN database prior to departure as outlined in the University's International Travel Requirements Policy.  This includes travel for international research, conferences, and internships.  Complete a new travel record for each of your university-affiliated international trips at least 30 days before you depart.  For each travel record, the TSN system will identify which forms you need to complete. Once you have completed all of the web-based forms in the TSN system for your travel record, and attended an Emergency Preparedness Workshop (if applicable), your record will be reviewed for completeness by university experts and you will receive a TSN confirmation email once reviewed. The review process may take up to a few weeks before you receive your final confirmation. 

More Information on Penn State’s Travel Safety Network (TSN) 

The Travel Safety Network (TSN) is a combination of offices, departments and individuals who collectively work to prepare and assist Penn State students, faculty, and staff for international travel.  Penn State supports international engagement in an ever-changing global environment through use of the TSN travel record database, which acts as a “one-stop shop” for travel related resources. 

For example, if there were an unforeseen event, the ability to quickly confirm the exact locations and dates of travel for Penn State students, faculty and staff in the affected areas would be invaluable. The TSN database allows Penn State to locate those who are in an affected country, provide basic emergency information, coordinate with the U.S. Department of State, and liaise with the University’s insurance provider as well as local authorities. 

Upgraded TSN platform and new address for notifications 

In 2021, Penn State updated the software platform for the TSN. Penn State is now using an upgraded product from the same company to support Penn State’s international travelers, which includes an alerts and messaging system called Alert Traveler. This software modernization is designed to improve the ease of registration and access to valuable travel information.

What to expect

  • Basic information on the functionality of the upgraded TSN system can be found in travel registry knowledgebase.
  • All trips from 2016-2020 have been archived so past trip details will not be visible. If you need something from one of your past trips the Global Safety Office will happily assist you.
  • As before, travelers will receive information by email when an event occurs in the country where you are traveling that could impact you.
  • International alerts and welfare checks from Penn State will primarily be sent from the Alert Traveler platform (, but you will also continue to receive some emails from

Note: Please ensure that messages from do not go to your spam folder as this will be a source of important information from Penn State while you are traveling abroad.

Please contact the Global Safety Office at if you have any questions. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

What Are the Benefits

  • Emergency Assistance: logistics, emergency coordination, case management, emergency message transmission, insurance assistance and claims
  • Access to Penn State's International Medical Insurance: comprehensive medical coverage, payment of medical expenses, medical evacuation or repatriation, security and natural disaster assistance and evacuation
  • Registration for the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP): security messages from local embassy, event updates and emergency assistance
  • Access to Country Specific Travel Resources: trip planning, logistics, customs regulations, safety and security advice

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