Restricted Travel Countries: Students (Individual or Group)

As part of the vision of a Global Penn State, we work with students, faculty, and staff to support safe international experiences to a wide range of countries, including some that pose a higher risk for international engagement.  Planning in advance is the best way to mitigate international travel risks, so please feel free to contact the Global Safety Office in the early stages of your planning process for travel to higher risk destinations.  The University is always concerned with the safety of all members of the University Community while traveling as part of any University Affiliated International Travel.  Therefore, the following restrictions have been instituted in accordance with the University’s International Travel Requirements policy.

All individual petitions for travel to restricted countries should be submitted more than 30 days before departure (or at a minimum two full business weeks) and are reviewed by the International Restricted Travel Committee on a case-by-case basis. Group travel petitions should be submitted as outlined on the Global Programs Group Travel Information pages.

Faculty/Staff planning independent travel to a country on the Insurance Industry’s List of Restricted Countries, and countries with a Level 4 or Unknown U.S. Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 Travel Health Notice must complete a Restricted Travel Petition as part of creating an individual travel record in the Travel Safety Network (TSN) system. This list will be reviewed periodically and is subject to change. Additional forms, review and approval are required for travel to restricted countries. Travelers must receive approval for travel to restricted countries prior to purchasing airline tickets, hotel accommodations, etc.

Students: The current list of countries which are restricted for student (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) travel and require an approved petition in advance of making travel plans can be found on the University Restricted Travel webpage. Please contact the Global Safety Office if you have questions about whether the country you plan to visit is restricted for student travel. 

Additional information on the restricted travel process can be found on the Global Programs University Restricted Travel Webpage.