Recognized Student Organization Group Travel

All student group travel abroad is governed by University Policy FN-20 and must be approved in advance through the appropriate channels. International Travel that is sponsored by a recognized student organization must be approved by the University and meet specific requirements.

Please contact the Office of Student Activities (814-863-3786) at University Park or the Office of Student Affairs/Student Life at Commonwealth Campuses for additional information.

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) traveling internationally, must meet with a staff member in the campus Student Activities Office to begin the registration process.  Contact your campus Student Activities Office to determine how to schedule this meeting. This meeting should occur at least 3 months before your intended travel dates in order to meet the 30 day departure deadline.

All International Travel sponsored by student organizations must be registered through the Travel Safety Network (  All individual and group requirements must be complete and receive final approval 30 days prior to departure.

Below are a few parameters related to student organization sponsored travel.

  • All participants must be Penn State students, faculty or staff. Approval must be received for any community members to participate, which will require the campus Student Activities Office consulting with the University’s Risk Management Office.
  • Two Penn State faculty or staff members must accompany all international student organization sponsored trips on which five or more students will be traveling. 

Restricted Travel:

  • If traveling to a country that is Restricted by the University you must complete a restricted travel petition seeking University approval for the trip.
  • Prior to paying for any portion of your trip your restricted travel petition must have been approved by the University.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted to travel.

The process for recording your RSO trip with the Travel Safety Network.

International Students studying at Penn State

International Students at Penn State planning international travel should consult with an international student adviser in the Directorate of International Student Advising (DISA) in 410 Boucke Building or, via e-mail, at to determine how the study overseas will affect their current immigration status in the U.S.

Approval for participation of individuals who are not Penn State students or employees

When the University is sponsoring group travel, Risk Management must be contacted for approval. The Risk Management Office and the College or unit Budget Executive have the responsibility to determine whether non-employees – including spouses and families of employees - and non-students will be permitted to participate in the trip. Factors in this decision will include the costs incurred, role of the employee in the supervision of the group, potential assumption of responsibility for community members, and other considerations.