Internships Abroad

More and more students are choosing to complete internships during their college careers as a way to prepare for the workforce. Students who are interested in gaining international experience while also building critical skills for their future should consider one of our academic internship study options. 

If you are interested in gaining work experience in an international organization, an internship abroad may provide that for you.

Education Abroad Internships

Some Penn State education abroad programs offer internships as a component of the study abroad experience.  For example, a student might study abroad for fall semester, taking three or four classes plus a 10-20 hour per week internship for credit.  Other education abroad programs have the internships as the main focus or sole academic and cultural experience for participants.  There are a number of summer education abroad internship programs where a student will work 20-40 hours per week in the internship placement as the core study abroad experience.

To find an education abroad program that has an internship component, please visit review the program search results for education abroad programs with internships.

Other Internship Opportunities

It may be that a student wants to set up an internship abroad that is not part of an approved Penn State education abroad program.  There are many possibilities for international internships, so it's not surprising our resourceful Penn State students may develop their own internship experiences through professional and research networks they have established.  To inquire about the process of having your international internship approved for credit or major requirements, please contact Education Abroad.  Please note that students who are going abroad for an internship that is not part of an approved education abroad program should register their planned travel and internship information in the Travel Safety Network.