Global Penn State Staff Directory

Directorate of Global Operations & Learning

Picture of Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell, Director
403B Boucke
(814) 867-3146
Picture of Mel White
Mel White, Associate Director
403A Boucke
(814) 863-4005
Vacant, Administrative Assistant to Director
403 Boucke
(814) 863-1115

Travel Safety Network

(814) 863-8788
In case of emergency, please contact University Park Police at +1-814-863-1111.

Emergency Preparation Workshop

(814) 863-8788

Global Safety Office

Picture of Natasha Adams-Soulé
Natasha Soulé, Global Safety Manager
201 Lubert
(814) 863-3989
Joe Thurston, Global Safety Analyst
201 Lubert
(814) 863-8788
(814) 863-9378
Picture of Monique MacAllan
Monique MacAllan, Global Safety Coordinator
201 Lubert
(814) 863-8788
(814) 863-3204
Picture of Wanda Devlin
Wanda Devlin, Compliance Specialist
201 Lubert
(814) 863-8788
(814) 865-7267


Global Collaborations

Vlad Likholetov, Global Collaborations Manager
404A Boucke
(814) 867-6136
Pat Corbett, International Contracts Coordinator
404A Boucke
(814) 865-0771
Female Avatar Image
Ania Martinez, International Agreements Administrator
404A Boucke
(814) 867-0084

Student Engagement & Intercultural Learning

Female Avatar Image
Vacant, Manager
407 Boucke
(814) 867-6101
A photo of Richard Spicer
Richard Spicer, Student Engagement Coordinator
407 Boucke
(814) 867-6101
Leanne Reiter
Leanne Reiter, Student Engagement Coordinator
407 Boucke
(814) 867-6101
Female Avatar Image
Vacant, Program Assistant
407 Boucke
(814) 867-6101

Sponsored Relations Office

Picture of William Shuey
William Shuey, Sponsored Relations Manager
407 Boucke
+1(814) 863-3984
Emily Quick
Emily Quick, Sponsored Relations Coordinator
407 Boucke
+1(814) 863-3984

Special Initiatives

Picture of Jennifer Theiss
Jennifer Theiss, Senior Assistant Director
201 Lubert
(814) 867-1304
Picture of Wenjie Fu
Wenjie Fu, External Relations Coordinator
201 Lubert
(814) 863-3927

Global Engagement Coordinators

Blank Male Avatar

Dana Brem, Upper Central Region Coordinator
Altoona Campus

Riki Hay

Riki Hay, Northwest Region Coordinator
Erie (The Behrend College)

Blank Male Avatar

Ryan Geiger, Northeast Region Coordinator
Berks Campus

Olga Moskaleva

Olga Moskaleva, Southeast Region Coordinator
Abington Campus

Johnny Marcolini

Johnny Marcolini, Southwest Region Coordinator
Beaver Campus

Anna Marshall

Anna Marshall, Capital Region Coordinator
Harrisburg Campus

Sheri Yoder

Sheri Yoder, Central Region Coordinator
York Campus