Costs and Funding

Affordability is an important factor when selecting an education abroad program. The programs offered through Education Abroad vary in cost, depending on the features of the program, geographic location, length, inclusions in the program such as excursions and cultural activities, and the level of on-site support. The Education Abroad office provides tentative budget sheets for all programs in order to help students and their families choose a program that fits their budget, and plan their finances accordingly. 

Resources for Study Abroad Financial Planning

The Education Abroad office provides several resources to students and their families to assist with financially planning a study abroad experience. 

  • Budget Sheets: there is a budget sheet for every approved program on our website. It is important that students and their families review these budget sheets together during the program selection process. 
  • Budgeting and Planning Worksheet: We have provided a worksheet to help you compare the cost of study abroad to a typical semester at Penn State. 
  • Low cost programs by region: We have compiled a list of the most affordable programs by region to aid in the program selection process.


Students studying abroad on Penn State approved programs will remain registered at the University during their time overseas. They will receive their study abroad bills through LionPATH during the regular billing timeline for the semester for study according to the Bursar’s office. Please review the information on our website to understand what you should expect to see on your student’s bill.

Withdrawal Policy

Note: This page is no longer in use. Please visit the Education Abroad Policies section of our website for an updated and comprehensive overview of our withdrawal policies.

Applying for Scholarships

After considering the costs of a study abroad program it is time to begin researching scholarships and funding opportunities available both at Penn State and externally.

Office of Student Aid

Penn State students studying through the Education Abroad Office can use most components of their existing financial aid packages toward the cost of study abroad. Exceptions are work-study awards and some athletic scholarships.