International Insurance for University-affiliated Travel

All students, faculty, and staff who are traveling outside of the United States on university business, with university funds or with a university organization are covered by Penn State's international health insurance.  This section provides an overview of the insurance coverage and where to access information.

In keeping with best practices in the field of international education, Global Programs and Penn State Student Health Insurance have collaborated to provide a comprehensive health insurance plan that will provide consistent health insurance coverage and emergency assistance for Penn State students, faculty, and staff conducting University-affiliated travel outside of the United States.

The insurance, underwritten by United Healthcare Global (UHCG), is provided as a blanket policy so no special enrollment is required.  Travel documents in the Travel Safety Network (TSN) database or Education Abroad programs will be used to identify travelers to United Healthcare in order to verify eligibility.  Coverage is valid for the period of University-affiliated business as well as travel days associated with the trip.

This coverage gives students, faculty and staff access to reliable global medical and assistance services while traveling internationally, which will minimize the risk of health-related problems while traveling and provide evacuations services, if necessary.

Global Programs in conjunction with the Global Safety Office which monitors the Travel Safety Network (TSN) is the main conduit of information and resources for Penn Staters traveling internationally. The TSN database is a web-based platform where travelers not traveling on official Education Abroad programs register their international travel and get access to resources, services and the international insurance information.  For more information about the TSN, please visit the TSN section of the Global Programs website.

What is covered under the insurance policy?

You can read the Penn State international insurance policy in full by visiting the United Healthcare Global's Intelligence Center for Penn State.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment


Accident & Sickness Medical Expense




Medical Evacuation


Emergency Reunion


Return of Dependent Child


Medical Repatriation


Return of Remains


Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation



Where can I get information about the insurance?


Detailed insurance information is available on the United Healthcare Global's Intelligence Center for Penn State. This information includes contact phone numbers, details on coverage, information on claims processing and useful links to resources for destination information. 

Where can I print out my insurance card?

The insurance identification card can be printed at United Healthcare Global's Intelligence Center for Penn State.  This card should be carried by each traveler while abroad, and presented to medical practitioners when seeking care.  For medical facilities that do not accept UHCG for payment, UHCG will reimburse Penn State travelers for the cost of medical care. 

Faculty & Staff Planning Personal Travel Abroad

Employees planning travel for purely personal reasons (vacation, personal consulting, etc.) to international destinations are encouraged to purchase additional insurance coverage for their travel. This travel is not covered by the University's plan. If you wish to obtain international health insurance coverage from UHCG for your personal travel, please email with your name, travel dates, destinations, and school affiliation. Once received, a UHCG Product Specialist will be in contact within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Non-Penn State Participants

All non-University participants must be pre-approved by Risk Management, and they must record their travel in the Travel Safety Network (TSN) database.  Non-University participants who travel on a Penn State program must be insured through Penn State's International Travel Insurance plan.  It is the responsibility of the program coordinator to make sure that non-University participants have the required insurance coverage through UHCG.  The sponsoring college or campus assumes all liability for all non-University participants.

24/7 Assistance

Should a student, faculty, or staff member become sick or injured while on University-affiliated travel overseas, they should contact UnitedHealthcare Global and any on-site staff as soon as possible.

United Health Care Global Contact Numbers

Toll free from inside the US, call 1-800-527-0218
From outside the US, call (+1) 410-453-6330 (collect)

More Questions?

Email or call the Penn State Global Safety Office at 814-863-8788 for more information regarding insurance claims and coverage.