Global Penn State Staff Directory

Directorate of Education Abroad (DEA)

Picture of Brian Brubaker
Brian Brubaker, Director
420A Boucke
(814) 863-6035
Female Avatar Image
Kristi Wormhoudt, Associate Director
420B Boucke
(814) 863-3960
Picture of Connie Bauer
Connie Bauer, Administrative Assistant to Director
420 Boucke
(814) 863-3667

Faculty-Led Programs

Picture of Kate Manni
Kate Fox Manni, Assistant Director for Faculty-Led Programs and Special Initiatives
201 Lubert 
(814) 863-3961
Picture of Micah Parrish
Micah Parrish, Faculty-Led Freestanding Programs Assistant
201 Lubert
(814) 863-4816
Picture of Michelle Smeal
Michelle Smeal, Faculty-Led Embedded Programs Assistant
201 Lubert
(814) 865-4384
Picture of Ashley Wang
Ashley Wang, Faculty-Led Freestanding Programs Assistant
201 Lubert
(814) 865-2981

Records Management

Picture of Tara Johnson

Tara Johnson, Records Manager
426 Boucke
(814) 865-3265

Picture of Brian Adair

Brian Adair, Records Specialist
426 Boucke
(814) 863-3962

Exchange Programs

Briana Casey, Exchange Specialist
426 Boucke
(814) 867-4584

Education Abroad Advisers

Picture of Tineka Labrun
Tineka Lebrun, Manager of Advising
422 Boucke
(814) 863-0208
Advises for UK and Ireland, and the CIEE: Global Institutes. 
Female Avatar Image
Sarah Spiegel, Education Abroad Adviser
422 Boucke
(814) 863-7429
Advises for Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands).
Picture of Erica Nikolaisen
Erica Nikolaisen, Education Abroad Adviser
422 Boucke
(814) 863-7533
Advises for Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, Germany, and Austria.
Picture of Jamie Weaver
Jamie Weaver, Education Abroad Adviser
422 Boucke 
(814) 865-2311
Advises for Italy
Johnna Weston, Education Abroad Adviser
422 Boucke 
(814) 863-1986
Advises for Asia, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, and Eastern Europe 

Peer Advisers

422 Boucke
(814) 865-5195
Learn more about this year's peer advising group, including biographies and hours of availability.