Penn State is a public university that receives some funding from the government and from taxpayers.  There is, at this time, essentially no financial aid available for international undergraduate students.  U.S. Citizenship or legal permanent residency is a requirement for federal funds; Pennsylvania residency is a further requirement for state funds.

University Park, Hershey, and Great Valley Financial Guarantee Requirements

12-Month Estimated Expenses for International Students

University Park, Hershey, and Great Valley Chart

The information on the chart linked above is also displayed in the following text and subsequent pages.

All figures cited are broad estimates used only for determining the financial guarantee requirements for year one for the issuance of visa eligibility documents.  

Please click on the number to link to a breakdown of the estimate figure.  The figure cited includes the following costs: full time out of state tuition, university fees, 12 months living expenses, mandatory medical insurance.  If you will be accompanied by a spouse or children additional proof of funds are required.

University Park First and Second Year Undergraduate Students $61,000
University Park Upper Division Business, Science, IST & Engineering Programs $65,000
University Park Upper Division Nursing $67,400
University Park Upper Division All Other Programs $62,800
University Park Graduate MBA $71,300
University Park Graduate Business, Science, IST & Engineering $57,300
University Park One Year Engineering Master's Program $77,100
University Park All Other Graduate Programs $56,200
Great Valley Graduate Center $68,900
College of Medicine at Hershey Medical School (M.D.) $77,600
College of Medicine at Hershey Medical School (Graduate) $60,100