Department Form-Short Term Resident Instruction

Some departments have a need to bring a student for a short stay.  One example is mandatory residency instruction for a world campus student.  

A few steps to get your student here include:

1.   Open an international student file with the Directorate of International Student and Scholar Advising.

2.  Alert DISSA/Pre-Arrival Advising of a student need for a non-immigrant document for visa eligibility (I-20/DS-2019). 

3.  Inform DISSA/Pre-Arrival Advising of the estimated expenses for which the student will be responsible.  (These estimated expenses will be reported on the I-20/DS-2019).

We will then contact your student with a personal messaage and assist on all their visa process needs.

To learn more about the process and discuss your department's needs, please contact

Master Information Architecture: