Global Careers Institute

International Parent Orientation

Several years ago, Global Programs created a unique "parent track" to better address the questions and concerns of the parents of international students during the fall student orientation. The one-day orientation has been a great success, growing each year and introducing the parents to their important role in the student experience.

Pre-Departure Orientations – Asia

Penn State Global will collaborate with Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), Chinese Undergraduate Students Association (CUSA) and Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) at Penn State to offer Pre-Departure Orientations to new students who have been accepted and have paid their acceptance fee. The Pre-Departure Orientation provides an opportunity for future students and their families to meet other Penn State students, and university staff, and to learn important information about Penn State, college life, and regulations before traveling to the United States.

Global Engagement and Leadership Experience (GELE)

What is the Global Engagement and Leadership Experience? The Global Engagement and Leadership Experience, as the name implies, is a "global" leadership opportunity. What does that mean? At GELE we explore our ability to interact across differences, both at the individual and group level. Our trained facilitators work to guide you in your understanding of self, while also providing opportunities to learn about the cultures and identities of others through fun and reflective activities. The skills you need to work across differences ("intercultural") are important no matter your academic major or future career goals. 

Community Engagement Programs

Our Community Engagement Programs are designed to connect members of the Penn State and State College community with one another across cultures to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the rich cultural differences that exist in our region.

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