Pre-Departure Orientation Process

Now that you have committed to your study abroad program it is time to begin preparing for your experience overseas. All students studying abroad through Penn State are required to complete an orientation process that covers a variety of topics intended to prepare you for your time abroad. The orientation process begins with completing a mandatory online orientation course. Students will also be invited to participate in several orientation workshops the semester prior to study.

Mandatory Online Pre-Departure Course

All Penn State students must complete the mandatory pre-departure orientation course. The Education Abroad team will enroll you in the course prior to your program departure. You will have approximately a month to complete the course and pass the quiz with at least an 80%. Students who are enrolled in embedded courses will be enrolled in a Canvas Pre-Departure Course that they will need to complete before the abroad portion of the class.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Pre-departure preparation and logistics
  • Academics Abroad
  • Billing and Money Matters
  • Health and Safety
  • Region-Specific Information
  • Return From Abroad

Failure to complete the course will result in withdrawal from your program. 

Optional Workshops

Please check back soon for more information regarding optional pre-departure orientation workshops!

Additional Orientations

Some programs may have additional orientation session specific to their programs depending on program type, location, and duration. Students should keep an eye out for emails from their adviser, or faculty leaders about additional sessions.

Most students will also receive an orientation upon arrival in their host country. Attendance at the on-site orientation is often mandatory.