Planning A Trip Abroad

Travel Safety Network (TSN)

All students, faculty, and staff traveling either in a group or individually for University purposes (with a club, organization, team, college, or department) or with University funding must record international travel in the TSN database prior to departure as outlined in the University's International Travel Requirements Policy.  This includes travel for international research, conferences, and internships.  Complete a new travel record for each of your university-affiliated international trips at least 30 days before you depart.  For each travel record, the TSN system will identify which forms you need to complete. Once you have completed all of the web-based forms in the TSN system for your travel record, and attended an Emergency Preparedness Workshop (if applicable), your record will be reviewed for completeness by university experts and you will receive a TSN confirmation email once reviewed. The review process may take up to a few weeks before you receive your final confirmation.