Penn State Global Staff Directory


Vice Provost's Office

Picture of Roger Brindley

Roger Brindley, Vice Provost for Global
Suite 415 Boucke
(814) 863-4030
Picture of Coleen Hynoski
Coleen Hynoski, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost
415A Boucke
(814) 863-4030

Associate Vice Provost's Office

Picture of Sabine Klahr

Sabine Klahr, Associate Vice Provost for Global
Suite 415 Boucke
(814) 863-2128
Picture of Tarynn Herlocher
Tarynn Herlocher, Assistant to the Associate Vice Provost
427 Boucke
(814) 863-2128

Finance & Business Services

Mailing Address: 410 Boucke

Financial Officer

Picture of Daniel Kuhn
Daniel Kuhn, Financial Officer
Picture of BJ Lesko
Bobbi Jo (BJ) Lesko, Business Manager

Personnel and Business Operations

Picture of Sherry Miller
Sherry Miller, Director
(814) 865-0996
Beth Hartzell
Beth Hartzell, Finance & Accounting Assistant
(814) 863-1603
Picture of Beth Byers
Beth Byers, Finance & Accounting Assistant
Picture of Eric Wein
Eric Wein, Finance & Accounting Assistant

Education Abroad

Assistant Vice Provost for Global Learning

Picture of Brian Brubaker
Brian Brubaker, Assistant Vice Provost for Global Learning

Education Abroad

Kate Manni, Director of Education Abroad

Customized Programs

Tara Johnson, Assistant Director for Customized Programs
Picture of Michelle Smeal
Michelle Smeal, Customized Programs Manager
Sarah Spiegel, Customized Programs Manager
Tristyn Dutko, Customized Programs Coordinator
Vacant, Customized Programs Coordinator
Claudia Prieto, Embedded Programs Coordinator

Academic Services

Photo of Matt Lockaby
Matt Lockaby, Assistant Director for Academic Services
Becky Fultz, Senior Academic Services Specialist
Kelly Hazelton, Academic Services Specialist

Education Abroad Advising

Picture of Tineka Labrun
Tineka Lebrun, Assistant Director for Advising
Advises for programs in Africa, Ireland, the Middle East, the United Kingdom
Kristin Franco, Education Abroad Adviser
Advises for programs in Denmark, Italy, Sweden
Photo of Brandon McCartney
Brandon McCartney, Education Abroad Adviser
Advises for programs in Latin America, Portugal, Spain
Photo of Chris Nischalke
Chris Nischalke, International Internships & Research Adviser
Advises for all internship, research, and field study programs, and programs in the Czech Republic
Sara Paliga, Education Abroad Adviser
Advises for outgoing programs in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands, the CIEE Open campus program, and all incoming exchange programs
Johnna Weston, Senior Education Abroad Adviser
Advises for programs in Asia, Australia, France, New Zealand
Photo of Colton Breon
Colton Breon, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Global Engagement

Assistant Vice Provost for Global Learning

Picture of Brian Brubaker

Brian Brubaker, Assistant Vice Provost for Global Learning
(814) 863-6035

Melissa Brun, Graduate Assistant

Rose Sharp, Administrative Assistant
(814) 863-3667

Global Engagement

Portrait of Dana Brem
Dana Brem, Manager
University Park Campus
(814) 867-6054

Portrait of Riki Hay
Riki Hay, Northwest Region Coordinator
Erie Campus (The Behrend College)
(814) 898-6909

Portrait of Ryan Geiger
Ryan Geiger, Northeast Region Coordinator
Berks Campus
(610) 396-6271

Portrait of Olga Moskaleva
Olga Moskaleva, Southeast Region Coordinator
Abington Campus
(215) 881-7972

Wendy Moynihan, Capital Region Coordinator
Harrisburg Campus
(717) 948-4373

Photo of Anna Mousaw
Anna Mousaw
University Park Campus
(814) 867-3193

Nikki Rosario, South Central Region Coordinator
York Campus
(717) 771-8419

Photo of Matt Lockaby
Jeffrey Zhao, Upper Central Region Coordinator
Altoona Campus
(814) 949-5219

Photo of Matt Lockaby
Rachel DeMesa
University Park Campus
(814) 863-6323

Faculty Engagement

Coming soon...

Global Outreach, Development, and Alumni Relations

Director of Development

Portrait of William Shuey

William Shuey
201 Lubert
+1(814) 863-3984

Dee Ann Abrashoff, Administrative Assistant

Global Outreach

Sponsored Relations

Portrait of Emily Quick

Emily Quick, Assistant Director for Sponsored Relations
201 Lubert
+1(814) 863-3984


Ross Claar, Sponsored Student Support Coordinator
201 Lubert
+1(814) 863-3984

Global Outreach

Richard Spicer, Assistant Director of Global Outreach

Portrait of Wenjie Fu

Wenjie Fu
201 Lubert
(814) 863-3927

Photo of Rachel Wortham
Rachel Wortham
201 Lubert


Vacant, Major Gifts Officer

Alumni Relations

Vacant, Associate Director

Meghan Cassidy, Global Alumni Admin Assistant

International Faculty & Scholar Advising

Unit Name Office Location Advising Hours / Telephone

J-1 Scholar Advising

410 Boucke Building

University Park, PA 16802


Telephone: +1-814-863-2631

International Faculty Advising

402 Boucke Building

University Park, PA 16802

Advising by appointment only

Telephone: +1-814-865-0423


Assistant Vice Provost for International Student and Scholar Advising

Image of Jody Pritt

Jody Pritt, Assistant Vice Provost

Nolan Bennett, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Vice Provost


Faculty and Scholar Advising


Male Avatar Image

Vacant, Associate Director


Picture of Cara Adrien

Vacant, Administrative Assistant


International J-1 Scholar Advising


Picture of Bernadette Bove

Bernadette Nicole Bove, Assistant Director

Male Avatar Image

Christopher M. Corman, J-1 Scholar Adviser


Male Avatar Image

Kristin Scipione, J-1 Scholar Adviser

International Faculty Advising



Picture of Lissette Hickock

Lisette Hickok


Male Avatar Image

Nagib Alhadi


Image of Ping Yu

Ping Yu


Hend Daniloff

Hend Daniloff


Abigail Brunner

Abigail Brunner


Picture of Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston

Marketing and Communications

Picture of Adrienne Eichenlaub

Adrienne Eichenlaub, Associate Director
314 Boucke
(814) 863-7649


Picture of Elizabeth Brady

Elizabeth Brady, Public Relations Consultant
(814) 321-2967


Picture of Nathan Rufo

Nathan Rufo, Speechwriter and Communications Specialist
314 Boucke
(814) 865-5335


Haley Deitz

Haley Deitz, Marketing Communications Specialist
314 Boucke
(814) 867-2674

Portrait of Jena Soult

Jena Soult, Marketing Communications Specialist
314 Boucke
(814) 867-2674

Planning and Partnerships

Planning and Partnerships

Portrait of  Mel White
Mel White, Senior Director
403B Boucke
(814) 863-4005
Blank Photo
VACANT, Administrative Assistant to the Senior Director

Strategic Partnerships

Picture of Esther Obonyo

Esther Obonyo, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Engagement and Director, Global Building Network
319 Boucke
(814) 865-5333

Picture of Sylvester Osagie

Sylvester Osagie, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Engagement and University Faculty Fulbright Advisor
319 Boucke
(814) 867-4276

Photo of Siela Maximova

Siela Maximova, Director for Latin America & the Caribbean
421 Life Sciences Bldg
(814) 867-2451

Alexandra Persiko, Assistant Director for Europe and Oceania Partnerships
319A Boucke
(814) 867-5941

Photo of Anna Marshall

Anna Marshall, Assistant Director for Asia Partnerships
319 Boucke
(814) 863-4005

Wanda Devlin, Partnership Engagement and Faculty Fulbright Assistant
319 Boucke
(814) 865-4580


Photo of Julian Prieto

Julian Prieto, Research Specialist


Strategic Planning and Data Analytics

Photo of Aissatou Nabe

Aissatou Nabe, Assistant Director for Strategy and Analysis
403A Boucke
(815) 863-7761


Global Safety Office

Blank Male Avatar
Mauricio Jimenez, Global Safety Manager
427 Boucke
(814) 863-3989
Photo of Claire Preston
Claire Preston, Global Safety Analyst
427 Boucke
(814) 863-8788
(813) 863-9378
Portrait of Monique MacAllan
Monique MacAllan, Global Safety Coordinator
427 Boucke
(814) 863-8788
(814) 863-3204

Travel Safety Network

(814) 863-8788
In case of emergency, please contact University Park Police at +1-814-863-1111.

Emergency Preparation Workshop

(814) 863-8788


Portrait of Vlad Likholetov
Vlad Likholetov, Assistant Director for Global Collaborations
404A Boucke
(814) 867-6136
Portrait of Pat Corbett
Pat Corbett, Senior International Agreements Administrator
404A Boucke
(814) 865-0771

Application Development

Picture of Phil Brannen

Phil Brannen, IT Manager - Application Development
313 Boucke
(814) 863-0085


Sal DiFalco, Database Specialist
316 Boucke
(814) 863-7567 


Blank Male Avatar

George Rainey, IT Generalist
316 Boucke
(814) 865-8350

Student Support and Success (International Student Advising)

International Student and Scholar Advising, (ISSA) is the authorized representative for Penn State international students and scholars with the Departments of State and Homeland Security. ISSA is committed to providing international students, scholars, and faculty the highest level of expertise in advising, immigration services, and training in support of Penn State's teaching, research and outreach objectives.  The main office is physically located at the University Park Campus, however we maintain offices at many Penn State campus locations and work with all Penn State international students throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  

Unit Name Office Location Advising Hours / Telephone

International Student Advising

410 Boucke Building

University Park, PA 16802


Find Your Campus Adviser

Monday & Tuesday:
1:30 - 5:00 pm

Thursday & Friday:
8:30 am - noon

Telephone: +1-814-865-6348 Option 1

Advising by appointment only

Schedule an Appointment With a University Park Adviser

Schedule an Appointment With Your Campus Adviser

Submit a Question through iStart

Pre-Arrival Advising

101 Innovation Blvd.

Suite 201 Lubert Building

University Park, PA 16802


Phone: +1-814-865-6348 Option 2


Assistant Vice Provost for International Student and Scholar Advising

female avitar
Jody Pritt, Assistant Vice Provost
Vacant, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Vice Provost

Front Desk Operations

Picture of Julie Mortimore
Julie Mortimore

SEVIS / Sunapsis Specialist

Nolan Bennett

Student Support & Success


female avitar
Susan D'Amico, Associate Director
Picture of Brian Algeo
Brian Algeo
 Picture of Stewart Combs
Stewart Combs
Cindy Domingo
 Picture of John Ewton
John Ewton
Alecia Hollinger
Alecia Hollinger
Aaron Humiston
Dagmara Karnowski
Dagmara Karnowski
Picture of Davina Kittrell
Davina Kittrell
Picture of Megan Layng
Megan Layng
Kerstin Roan
Kerstin Roan
Picture of Kandy Szymusiak
Kandy Szymusiak
Chisato Tada
Chisato Tada

Pre-Arrival Advising


Image of Nicole Franklin
Nicole Franklin, Assistant Director
Picture of Margaret Snyder
Margaret Snyder
Picture of Frances Neff
Frances Neff