Develop a New Faculty-Led Program

Faculty members who want to develop a new education abroad program where they are the instructors and program leaders have a variety of support mechanisms available to them throughout the process.  One of the first considerations for such a faculty member should be the academic structure of the course.  Will the vast majority of the academic instruction and student assignments be completed while abroad?  Or, will the international travel component be built into a residentially-taught Penn State course so that most of the instruction happens before and after the short travel experience?  The answers to these questions will aid in determining which type of faculty-led program will best fit the course that the faculty leader visualizes.

Develop a New Faculty-Led Freestanding Program

A faculty-led freestanding program is a single course or compilation of courses related to a theme or topic, where the Penn State faculty leaders deliver all or nearly all academic content during the course of the international experience.  Such programs almost always occur during summer since the length of the education abroad experience typically lasts 2-8 weeks.

Develop or Renew a Faculty-Led Embedded Program

A faculty-led embedded program is a short-term education abroad experience that is offered as a component or supplement to an academic course taught in residence on a Penn State campus or online.  The international component is typically scheduled during a semester break or early summer, and it generally lasts 7-14 days.