Current/Potential Sponsors

Penn State University is a top tier research institution, consistently ranked among the top 100 universities globally, and receiving over $800 million annually for research. Penn State prepares international students to become leaders in their fields on a global scale. Our graduates join an extensive network of 700,000 alumni which stretches to all corners of the globe. Penn State University has been a top destination for international sponsored students for several decades.

Sponsored Relations assists sponsors with the development, placement, advising, and general support of international sponsored student programs. We provide highly personalized services, with a focus on accuracy and efficiency, while addressing the needs of our sponsoring organizations. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

Sponsored Relations Office

We provide our sponsoring organizations with a direct point of contact, to serve as the link between sponsor, student, and Penn State University units. All our services and staff, including immigration and finance, can be reached at, making our office a truly one-stop shop for our international sponsors.

Sponsored Relations
407 Boucke Building
University Park, PA 16802
+1 (814) 863-3984

Sponsor Administrative Fee

To offset additional institutional costs for services required by sponsoring organizations, all sponsoring organizations will be assessed a $300 per semester fee during the fall and spring semesters, and a per semester fee of $150 during summer, for each sponsored undergraduate and graduate student enrolled at Penn State. Examples of the services provided to sponsoring organizations by Penn State are listed and described below.

Third Party Billing Services

Our finance staff provides third party billing services, providing detailed and itemized invoicing for tuition and fees. Staff also monitor sponsored student accounts for unexpected costs and/or discrepancies. Billing takes place after the drop/add period, ensuring the most accurate invoicing.

Personalized Advising

The Sponsored Relations team has a dedicated International Student Adviser (ISA) from International Student & Scholar Advising, who advises sponsored students on a range of topics affected by federal regulations. We aim to help sponsored students navigate sponsor requirements and federal regulations to ensure students avoid unnecessary problems. Sponsored students can visit our Sponsored Student ISA during Walk-In Advising hours offered daily.

Student Programming

We are dedicated to our sponsored students, working to continually enhance their cultural and academic experience through activities, workshops, orientation, and campus-wide connections. Our Sponsored Relations Coordinator designs and administers special programs at the request of our sponsors, as well as connecting our students to existing engagement programs and activities.

Campus Visits

We understand that sponsoring organizations are highly invested in the success of their students. We welcome sponsors to visit Penn State University to meet with students, faculty, and staff, as a way to engage with sponsored student programing. We arrange campus visits for our sponsoring organizations, reserving space and organizing meetings with relevant stakeholders on campus.

Sponsored Student Events

In addition to student engagement programming offered by Global Programs and other departments, Sponsored Relations provides our sponsored students with a number of special events designed solely for sponsored students. These typically include a Thanksgiving dinner, professional workshop, and Sponsored Student Graduation Reception. 

Official Transcripts

We understand that sponsoring organizations want to monitor the academic success of their students. Therefore, we provide unofficial or official transcripts at the end of each semester, upon request. We offer a number of formats, depending on sponsor needs, at no additional cost.

Delegated Access

Sponsoring organizations and parents can be granted 'delegated access' of student accounts via our student services system, LionPATH. Delegated access allows sponsors to monitor their students' academic progress and enrollment details. Sponsored Relations provides LionPATH training to sponsoring organizations.

Financial Guarantees

For new or potential sponsors, Sponsored Relations provides support in developing financial guarantees. Financial Guarantees are required for each sponsored student and should outline the financial scope of the sponsorship.

Health Insurance Waiver

All international students at Penn State University are required to purchase Penn State Student Health Insurance. However, international sponsored students are eligible for a waiver from this mandate, if their sponsor provides health insurance approved by Penn State Health Services. 

For more information and insurance waiver standards, please visit Penn State Health Services.

Other Reporting

Sponsored Relations seeks to provide all necessary documentation required by our sponsoring organizations. This includes but is not limited to course schedules, campus verification, unofficial transcripts, and general reports. Sponsored Relations works to better serve your students by meeting your program needs and requirements. We are available at your convenience to develop personalized reporting.