Course Equivalency for Faculty & Advisers

Faculty and staff play an important role in course selection, review, and approval for courses taken on education abroad programs.  Please review the steps involved for the student and the faculty or staff member.

Course Equivalency Process (Reviewer)

Course Equivalency Process Before the Education Abroad office can post any grades from the student’s abroad semester, we must have a Penn State course number established for each course. The course equivalency process is the manner in which we have abroad courses reviewed for Penn State course numbers. It involves obtaining course information from student, and having it evaluated by the appropriate Penn State academic department. The process must be completed through the Education Abroad office. Students are not able to graduate from Penn State until the course equivalency process is complete for all courses taken abroad.

Course Substitution Process

If a course they took abroad did not transfer as a desired Penn State course number, the student is expected to complete the course substitution process. This is not facilitated by the Education Abroad office but requires student action and permission from your college dean’s office.

Changing Course Equivalency Reviewer

In order to change or update the reviewer in a department, major, academic unit, or college, please contact with the subject ‘CEQ Reviewer Change’. The process will take 2-4 business days to change and you will receive a confirmation once it is completed. The new reviewer will be sent the Course Equivalency Reviewer Guide.