Student Travel

Student Group Travel

Under University Policy FN20, “student group travel” is a trip of two or more students accompanied by a university employee with a purpose that is relevant to the university's academic mission. Each trip must be approved at the appropriate University level, and a University employee is required to accompany the group. The employee is in charge of the activity and must be acting within the scope of his or her employment.

International Travel that is sponsored by a recognized student organization must be approved by the University and meet specific requirements. Please contact the Office of Student Activities (814-863-3786) at University Park or the Office of Student Affairs/Student Life at Commonwealth Campuses for additional information.

Student Travel Requirements and Resources

Students who are traveling on an approved Education Abroad Program or other approved student group travel will receive advice and travel requirements from Education Abroad or from their group leader.

Students traveling independently for a University purpose or with University funding are expected to be aware of the health, safety and emergency preparedness information provided below, to obtain required approvals prior to travel, and to purchase health insurance as indicated.

Below is a list of resources for student travelers, specifically those not traveling through an approved Education Abroad program:

For Program Leaders: Statement of Responsibility/Waiver Form

Program leaders must insure that all program participants sign the Penn State Statement of Responsibility/Waiver and Release Form and must retain the collected forms for three years as part of the program documentation. Students should receive this form as early as possible to insure that they understand their obligations and rights before they commit to participation in the program.