International Graduate Students coming to Penn State for Coursework

In most cases, international graduate students may take coursework at Penn State without a formal agreement. If such arrangements are developed as part of an agreement, the following policies should be considered:

  • Application to Penn State: International graduate students can apply for graduate level degree or non-degree study by following the application procedures and requirements of the Graduate School and respective college.  (Visit How to Apply on the Graduate School website.)
  • Non-Degree Courses, Research, and Assistantships:  Visiting graduate students who are enrolled at a university outside the U.S. may register for graduate courses and research at Penn State. They may be appointed to a graduate assistantship provided by a Penn State host graduate program/academic unit/faculty grant by completing the online graduate application for the program in which the visiting student will be hosted, and with a request by the graduate program for admission as “Provisional No-Time Limit.” Graduate students admitted as “non-degree” students are not eligible for assistantships.
  • Health Insurance: International students and their dependents on a J-1 visa or F-1 visa must have health insurance coverage which meets Penn State’s insurance standards. This can be accomplished by purchasing Penn State’s medical insurance plan or by providing proof (in English) of comparable alternate health and accident insurance coverage. (More information available on the University Health Services website).