Insurance FAQ

How long am I covered?

The plan covers you for the period of international travel required by your academic institution and for which you are participating. Travel necessary for the program (1-2 travel days pre-program; 1-2 travel days post travel) is covered; additional travel would not be. 

What if I lose my ID card?

Please contact to request a copy of your ID card. If you have an emergency, please proceed to the nearest facility for treatment and call the UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center 1-410-453-6330 (reverse changes accepted). A copy of your ID card is on file internally and can be accessed by the Emergency Response Center. Please identify yourself as a faculty/staff member or student from Penn State.

What is covered by the plan?

100% of reasonable expenses for medically necessary physician office visits, inpatient hospital services, physician and hospital outpatient services, and emergency hospital services up to a $500,000 limit. Additional benefits for medically necessary services are also payable at 100% of reasonable expenses, subject to certain limitations or maximums (please refer to Coverage Overview page). Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation is covered at 100% to $250,000. Evacuation services must be approved and coordinated by UnitedHealthcare Global.

How do I find a covered provider/make an appointment?

Contact UnitedHealthcare Global’s Emergency Response Center to schedule an appointment for you and arrange for direct payment to one of their doctors. The UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center is available 24/7 by phone (call collect) +1.410.453- 6330 or e-mail to assist you with everything from routine requests to medical emergencies.

If you make your own appointment, contact the Emergency Response Center at least 24 hours prior to your appointment so UnitedHealthcare Global can provide the doctor’s office with a “guarantee of payment.” In many countries, providers require this at the time of the visit. If this is not arranged prior to the visit, the doctor may require payment up front from you.

What if I need a follow-up appointment?

If the physician recommends a follow-up consultation, please provide this information to the UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center in order to coordinate this appointment and arrange payment. To request these services, contact the Emergency Response Center by phone (call collect) +1.410.453- 6330 or e-mail

What should I do in the event of a medical emergency?

Go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital and then contact UnitedHealthcare Global’s Emergency Response Center by phone (call collect) +1.410.453.6330 or e-mail UnitedHealthcare Global coordinates emergency services with the coordination of our clinical team and a worldwide network of Physician Advisors. UnitedHealthcare Global members in need of life-saving medical intervention are treated in Centers of Excellence around the world.

If your location is not listed below or the call will not go through, call the 24-hour Emergency Response Center collect at +1.410.453.6330 (reverse charges accepted).

24-hour Emergency Response Center Numbers
Australia 1 800 127 907 Japan 00531 11 4065
Brazil 0800 891 2734 Mexico 001 800 101 0061
China (Northern) 108888*800 527 0218 Philippines 1 800 1 111 0503
China (Southern) 10811*800527 0218 Singapore 800 1100 452
Dominican Republic 1888 567 0977 South Africa 0800 9 92379
France 0800 90 8505 Spain 900 98 4467
Germany 0800 1 811401 Switzerland 0800 55 6029
Hong Kong 800 96 4421 Thailand 001 800 11 471 0661
Israel 1 809 41 0172 U.K. 0800 252 074
Italy 800 877 204 U.S. & Canada 1 800 527 0218

How will I get my membership ID card?

Visit the Penn State United Healthcare Global web site through Studio Abroad or the Travel Safety Network website and use your Penn State login to access UnitedHealthcare Global’s comprehensive online resources, including:

•    View plan benefits
•    Search for local facilities and use the medical drug, term and phrase translation guides
•    Access printable health and security intelligence and profiles for cities and countries worldwide

How do I extend my medical insurance coverage beyond my program date?

 If you would like to extend your University Affiliated travel for personal reasons, you may do so by logging in to the Global Intelligence Center to purchase coverage.

How do I file a claim?

If you have paid out-of-pocket for covered medical services, and want to file a claim for reimbursement, please download and complete the claim form that can be found in the Documents section of the UnitedHealthcare Global Intelligence Center. Include all paid receipts with the completed claim form and mail to the address on the claim form.