Completing a Recommendation

Many Penn State faculty and advisers, at some point, will be requested to complete a recommendation for a student's study abroad application. Education Abroad recommendations are electronic and include specific questions regarding the student's readiness to go abroad. Faculty members and academic advisers are ideal choices as references because they are most familiar with a student's academic needs and abilities, and we consider your honest comments very seriously. Faculty, staff, or teaching assistants who are leading education abroad programs themselves should not submit the recommendation on behalf of a student for their own program.  The student should select another eligible recommender so as to keep the application process impartial.

Steps to Complete a Student Recommendation

  1. Once selected by the student, the faculty member or academic adviser will receive an automatic email from the Education Abroad system requesting a recommendation for that particular student. The email will indicate the student's name, program, term of application, and a unique identifier number.
  2. Make a note of the identifying number (or choose the copy and paste functions). It is required to submit the recommendation.
  3. A link is provided in the recommendation prompt email. Follow it to get to the electronic recommendation form.
  4. Complete the questionnaire and submit the form.
    • The recommendation questionnaire typically takes 5-10 minutes to complete, unless the recommender chooses to write extensive comments.
    • Upon submission, the recommendation will automatically be tied to the student's application for admission to the education abroad program.
    • There is no need to write a formal recommendation letter, but there is a section at the end of the questionnaire that is open for comments, and recommenders can input as much or little information in that field as they choose.

Questions About Recommending a Student

If you have questions or concerns about the process or about a particular student, please contact Education Abroad.