Every Penn State student must complete the required forms in LionPATH in order to remain active in the student registration system.  Required forms may include consent to do business online and a financial agreement form to be submitted either annually or each semester. This applies even to students who are away on Education Abroad programs and also to students whose financial aid will cover billable expenses.

Education Abroad Bills

Bills for students participating in semester or summer study abroad programs are generated on the same timeline as regular semester bills as determined by the Penn State Office of the Bursar. Payments are made using the same procedures, deadlines, and policies as any other Penn State bursar bill.

For those studying on an embedded program, please ask your faculty leader how the travel fees will be collected.

Reading Your Bursar Bill

EA programs vary in cost depending on the features of the program, geographic location, program length, special excursions, and cultural activities, and other on-site services. You can access estimated budget sheets and notes on what is included on the bill by searching for your program and opening the appropriate budget sheet on the program information page.  When reviewing your program budget, please note billable versus non-billable items

Semester Tuition

Semester tuition is assessed at the University Park tuition rate based on residency status, class standing, and academic college. One exception is that for programs open only to specific commonwealth campuses, students are charged the tuition rate of that campus.

For programs run by Arcadia, IES Abroad, or CIEE, out-of-state students will receive a credit on their Penn State bursar bill equal to the average difference between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition. This discount will be credited to the bills as a "special fees adjustment".  All summer programs (except embedded courses) also offer the out-of-state tuition credit.

Education Abroad Program Fee

This fee varies greatly depending on the program and it may include orientation, cultural activities, some local excursions and field trips, and local insurance (if required). In some cases, this may also include room and board.  Details on what is included can be found in the notes section of the budget sheet available on the program information page.

Education Abroad Administrative Fee

This fee is a non-refundable administrative fee that covers office infrastructure, technology, and staff support relative to all Education Abroad programs.

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