Students studying abroad on Penn State approved programs will remain registered at the University during their time overseas. They will receive their study abroad bills through LionPATH during the regular billing timeline for the semester for study according to the Bursar’s office. Please review the information on our website to understand what you should expect to see on your student’s bill.

Payment And Registration

Students can find their eBill and instructions for filing and completing registration by using LionPath or reviewing information available through the Office of the Bursar. Penn State Office of the Bursar does not issue paper bills.

  • Prior to each semester's enrollment, a Pre-Registration Activity Guide will appear in the student’s LionPATH Student Center. It contains verification of emergency contact information, as well as the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA); both of which are required to be completed each semester. The FRA is a promise by the student to take financial responsibility for payment of his/her student account. 
  • Students must complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide to be eligible to enroll in classes. Otherwise,  an FRA hold will remain on the student’s account, which will prevent the student from being able to enroll when the enrollment window becomes available. The only way to lift this hold and be able to enroll is to complete the Activity Guide.
  • The Pre-Registration Activity Guide can be found in the student’s  “To Do List” within the LionPATH Student Center.  
  • Students can find details on how to complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide, by viewing the video tutorial

Reading The Bursar Bill

Education abroad programs vary in cost depending on the features of the program, geographic location, program length, special excursions and cultural activities, and other on-site services. When reviewing your student’s semester bill, please note the following:

  • Semester Tuition is assessed at the regular Penn State University rate (University Park campus) because students stay enrolled at Penn State and earn Penn State credits while abroad. Students at the campuses enrolled in university-wide based exchange programs are assessed University Park tuition rate. Students enrolled in campus-based exchange programs are assessed University Park tuition less an offset credit to reduce it down to the appropriate campus tuition rate.
  • Students are assessed the standard University Park Penn State Tuition based on their permanent residency and academic college. 
  • The Education Abroad Program Fee may include orientation, cultural activities, some local excursions and field trips, and local insurance (if required). In some cases, this may also include room and board.  
  • The Education Abroad Administrative Fee includes a non-refundable administrative fee plus an additional amount for the required health insurance coverage integrated within all education abroad programs. Please refer to the Health and Safety section of our website for coverage details.