Global Penn State Staff Directory


Vice Provost's Office

Picture of Michael Adewumi

Michael Adewumi, Vice Provost for Global Programs
415B Boucke
(814) 863-4030
Picture of Coleen Hynoski
Coleen Hynoski, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost
415A Boucke
(814) 863-4030
Female Avatar Image
Marishya Weiss, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost
415 Boucke
(814) 863-7011
Picture of Nathan Rufo
Nathan Rufo, Speechwriter/Communications Specialist
404A Boucke
(814) 865-5335
Picture of Esther Obonyo
Esther Obonyo, Director WEF NEXUS East Africa
319 Boucke
(814) 865-5333
Picture of Wanda Devlin
Wanda Devlin, Administrative Support
410 Boucke
(814) 865-7681
Picture of Yan Lu
Yan Lu, Administrative Support
410 Boucke
(814) 865-7681

Associate Vice Provost Office


Picture of Rob Crane

Robert Crane, Associate Vice Provost for Global Programs
427 Boucke
(814) 863-2128
Picture of Tarynn Herlocher
Tarynn Herlocher, Assistant to the Associate Vice Provost
427 Boucke
(814) 863-2128


Picture of Adrienne Eichenlaub
Adrienne Eichenlaub, Strategic Marketing Coordinator
404A Boucke
(814) 863-7649
Picture of Elizabeth Brady
Elizabeth Brady, Public Relations Consultant
404A Boucke
(814) 321-2967

Application Development

Picture of Phil Brannen
Phil Brannen, IT Manager
313 Boucke
(814) 863-0085
Male Avatar Image
Sal DiFalco, Database Specialist
316 Boucke
(814) 863-7567
Male Avatar Image
Dan Shapich, Programmer/Analyst
316 Boucke
(814) 865-2435
Male Avatar Image
George Rainey, IT Generalist
316 Boucke
(814) 865-8350

Finance & Business Services

Mailing Address: 410 Boucke

Picture of Sherry Miller
Sherry Miller, Financial Officer
Picture of BJ Lesko
Bobbi Jo (BJ) Lesko, Business Manager
Picture of Tina Aumiller
Tina Aumiller, Finance & Accounting Assistant
Picture of Beth Byers
Beth Byers, Finance & Accounting Assistant
Picture of Daniel Kuhn
Daniel Kuhn, Finance & Accounting Assistant
Picture of Tammy Gibbons
Tammy Gibbons, Finance & Accounting Assistant
Picture of Eric Wein
Eric Wein, Finance & Accounting Assistant

Global Engagement Network

Picture of Marty Trethewey

Marty Trethewey, Director
336 Leonhard Building
(814) 865-1961
Female Avatar Image
(Vacant), Program Assistant
Picture of Aissatou Nabe
Aissatou Nabe, Strategic Engagement Analyst
319 Boucke
(815) 863-7761
Female Avatar Image
Alexandra Persiko, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Europe
319 Boucke
(814) 867-5941
Picture of Rose Tan
Rose Tan, Engagement Coordinator, China/South Korea
319 Boucke
(814) 867-4035
Picture of Dr. Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown, Engagement Champion: Freiburg, Germany

Campus Engagement

Picture of Sylvester Osagie
Sylvester Osagie, Director
319 Boucke
(814) 867-4276
Female Avatar Image
Anne Stover, Program Assistant
319 Boucke
(814) 865-4580