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Global Programs Welcomes International Students for Orientation

As we gear up for the 2015-2016 year, Global Programs would like to wish a warm welcome to all international students attending New Student Orientations this summer and fall. It's a great way to build friendships, familiarize yourself with campus and begin your journey at Penn State right, from day 1. Register now for this invaluable experience.

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With Deepest Condolences

Global Programs continues to offers our deepest condolences to those who are affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.  The most recent earthquake only further exacerbates the need for support. Our hearts are with our Nepalese community at Penn State and their families. Please visit the link to find out about the many organizations working on behalf of the Nepalese people.

Nepal Earthquake Aid

Global Engagement Network (GEN)

The Global Engagement Network, or commonly called GEN, is a network of strategic partners around the world that collaborate on teaching, research, and seek to solve the world's great challenges. In this photo, Dr. Adewumi is meeting with SKKU President Jun Young Kim, one of Penn State's GEN partners.

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Welcome to Global Penn State

Welcome to Global Penn State, the primary web presence of the University Office of Global Programs (UOGP). UOGP provides support and oversight for all of Penn State's international engagements. Meet Dr. Adewumi, view our video, and learn more about Global Penn State!

Welcome to Global Penn State

New Global Penn State Video

With global experiences having recently been made a pillar of Penn State and part of the strategic plan, Global Penn State is currently in an exceptional time of growth to meet the renewed demand for cultural engagement, not only at University Park and the 24 Commonwealth campuses, but around the world as well. Discover what’s happening with Global Penn State and how you can become involved.

New Global Penn State Video

Partnerships and Collaborative Centers form building blocks for Global Penn State

The Global Engagement Network (GEN) is best described as a network of select strategic partners that supports and promotes all dimensions of the university’s internationalization strategy.

Partnerships and Collaborative Centers- Full Story

Mail Call: Postcards from Abroad

During the spring 2015 semester, Penn State students who were studying abroad around the world sent postcards back to the Education Abroad Office to share stories about their classes, life in their host country, and their travels and adventures.  Penn State’s own “Mike the Mailman” delivered the postcards with great enthusiasm, celebrating the journey the postcards had made in order to arrive in State College and the sentiment with which they were sent from our students.  Read Excerpts from Students' Postcards from Abroad

Read Excerpts From Students' Postcards From Abroad

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