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Partnerships and Collaborative Centers form building blocks for Global Penn State

The Global Engagement Network (GEN) is best described as a network of select strategic partners that supports and promotes all dimensions of the university’s internationalization strategy.

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Education Abroad Student Spotlight: Christine’s experience in Zagreb, Croatia

“Experiencing new cultures is one of the most valuable aspects of life. The world can seem small within your own country, but when you get out of your element you learn just how beautifully unique the world is. It’s amazing to compare the similarities and differences of your own culture to that of another country, and I found that this added an incredible amount of perspective to my life.” Christine Carfagno, Sociology Major

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Education Abroad Student Spotlight: Kaitlyn’s experience in Kenya and Tanzania

“Now that I am back from my study abroad, I can honestly say that I use the skills I practiced and built upon every single day.  I feel that I have a heightened sense of cultural awareness and self-reflectivity, which allows me to uphold humility and curiosity in my studies and career searching.  Most importantly, however, I feel I have proven to myself in a small way that I can overcome any challenge presented in front of me after figuring out sticky situations abroad, and this skill helps me carry myself more confidently, be it in a job interview or meeting new people in different social settings.”  Kaitlyn Spangler, Anthropology and CED Major, Global Health Minor

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New Global Penn State Video

With global experiences having recently been made a pillar of Penn State and part of the strategic plan, Global Penn State is currently in an exceptional time of growth to meet the renewed demand for cultural engagement, not only at University Park and the 24 Commonwealth campuses, but around the world as well. Discover what’s happening with Global Penn State and how you can become involved.

New Global Penn State Video

Global Engagement Network (GEN)

The Global Engagement Network, or commonly called GEN, is a network of strategic partners around the world that collaborate on teaching, research, and seek to solve the world's great challenges. 

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Education Abroad Fair 2015

The Education Abroad Fair is a great place to begin your journey abroad. Penn State Colleges, faculty, and global partners come together for a one-stop shop for you to learn more about education abroad opportunities. Join over 1300 students in checking out the opportunities available to you! The 2015 Education Abroad Fair is to be held Wednesday, September 30th from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM in Alumni Hall of the HUB at University Park campus.

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Welcome to Global Penn State

Welcome to Global Penn State, the primary web presence of the University Office of Global Programs (UOGP). UOGP provides support and oversight for all of Penn State's international engagements. Meet Dr. Adewumi, view our video, and learn more about Global Penn State!

Welcome to Global Penn State

Free Passports at Penn State

The University Office of Global Programs at Penn State is excited to announce that through a partnership with The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), 350 free passports will be given to eligible Penn State students in fall 2015!

Learn how you can get a free passport!


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Find out how you can get a free passport to study abroad!

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