Strategic Partnerships, Collaborative Centers, and Initiatives in Europe

University of Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany 

Penn State Engagement Champion: Nikki Brown  


Penn State and the University of Freiburg have committed development funds to facilitate collaborative interactions between researchers at the universities. Seed grant programs are offered as part of the development funds. The partners sponsor an annual staff exchange program to encourage staff members to visit the other instituion for professional development and job shadowing opportunities. 

Key Activities

Project  Contacts

“Global Health – Strengthening Capacity building through the Pan Institute Network of Global Health”

Caprice Knapp:

Meg Winchester:

Development of a portfolio of interdisciplinary research and education collaborations on the topic of Water Resources science.

Tom Richard:


University of Split

University of Split

Split, Croatia 

Penn State Engagement Champion: Mitch Holland  


Penn State and the University of Split have committed development funds to facilitate collaborative interactions between researchers at the universities. Seed money programs may be offered as part of the development. 

Key Activities

A Collaboration Development Workshop was held at the University of Split in the autumn of 2016. Almost $100k of seed money was awarded to 14 faculty teams from both universities on a competitive basis. The goals of the jointly funded seed money program is to nurture the budding collaborations into self-supporting, sustained activities in teaching, research and service. The Workshop facilitated more than twenty proposed initiatives that resulted in thirteen funded projects in 2017.  The projects involve both faculty and student engagement, and address the missions of the respective universities; research, education, and service.

Penn State University hosted a delegation of faculty and dignitaries from Split, Croatia and the University of Split in February and March of 2016.  Attendees included, Simun Andjelinovic, Rector; Alen Soldo, Vice-Rector; Boris Trogrlic, Dean; Sven Gotovac, Dean; Dragan Primorac, Former Minister of Science & Education; and Jasmina Havranek, Director of the Agency for Science & Higher Education.  During the visit, Provost Jones formally recognized Minister Primorac as a Global Ambassador to Penn State.

The partnership with Split is broad, spanning a number of Colleges and Departments at Penn State.  These include the Colleges of Medicine, Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Education, Arts & Architecture, Information Sciences & Technology, and Health & Human Development.

Current Projects Include:

Project Name Contact

Youth Aspirations, Identity, and Demographic Change in Rural Croatia: Implications for Education and Rural and Regional Development

Kai A. Schafft:

Realizing Economic Development of Tourism Linkages Through Croatian Local Food and Agricultural System

Amit Sharma: 

Building a long-term collaboration between the Penn State University College of Medicine and the University of Split School of Medicine

Ben Fredrick:

Customized Sustainable Housing For Split (And/Or Generic Models For Urban Development)

Jose Duarte:

Connecting the University of Split and Penn State Beaver through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Jenifer Cushman:

For more information about Penn State's strategic initiatives in Europe, contact Martin Trethewey, director of global engagement: