Foundations in Global Engagement (FiGE)

What is FiGE?

Foundations in Global Engagement (FiGE) is the first phase of programming for first-year undergraduate, first-year graduate, and new exchange or transfer students who wish to enrich their Penn State experience by developing multinational relationships. A cohort of International and Domestic students will participate in a series of events and activities that will become the catalyst for cross-cultural communication and will facilitate the process of learning to appreciate similarities and differences in a multinational group.

Learning Objectives

The activities are purposeful, engaging, and educational. The small-group format ensures meaningful conversations that facilitate the transfer of information about the members' lives and cultures. It is the first phase of programming for students who are interested in:

  • Building a friendly network of multinational relationships
  • Developing and honoring globally diverse perspectives
  • Increasing their capacity to communicate effectively, diplomatically, and sensitively with peers from other cultures
  • Laying a foundation for engaged scholarship; international team-based learning that happens beyond the classroom walls for the purpose of solving real-world problems

The Commitment

Once accepted, participants who complete the full two-semester program by participating in all of the FiGE-sponsored events, discussions, and programs, that culminate in receiving a FiGE certificate of completion. If participants cannot make that commitment, they are still encouraged to engage with the cohort as much as their schedule allows.

FiGE meetings will take place 2-4 times each month during the academic year.

Updated application form open fall 2017.

The Cost

One payment of $40 (Lion Cash only) covers:

  • transportation to FiGE-sponsored trips (except NYC trip)
  • supplies and meals at all FiGE-sponsored meetings and events

New York City/United Nations Trip  

Each spring semester, the FiGE program takes a two-day trip to New York City. Activities include a tour of the United Nations, and trips to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

*There will be a $50 trip charge for participants on this trip (Lion Cash only)