Spring 2020 Returnee Events and Resources

A study abroad experience is usually described as life-changing and one of the most valuable experiences in which a student can take part. It is also known that returning home from this intense and life-changing event can cause you to experience strong and sometimes challenging feelings. You miss the community, the culture, and the way of life you left; you miss your new friends. It might be hard to return to life at home, as you probably are not the same person.

But, returning home so abruptly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your return might feel even more challenging than it would have in normal circumstances. We hope the resources on this page can help you to unpack some of those feelings and allow you to share your experiences with your peers, as well as with the Penn State Education Abroad office. Share your stories with us, both good and bad, though we do hope that you have some memories about fun, educational, and life inspiring moments that you experienced as a part of your program.

Events for Spring 2020 Students

Penn State Education Abroad is planning a series of events, primarily for spring 2020 returnees (but other interested students and staff may join), during the fall semester.

Support and Resources for Spring 2020 Returnees

We recognize that an amazing experience in your life was cut short and that can cause shock and, in some cases, trauma. We hope you can use these resources as tools and follow our advice to help you reflect on your experience.