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The University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Penn State Strategic Partnerships Manager: Alexandra Persiko (1-814-867-5941,


Penn State and The University of Auckland agreed in the summer of 2018 to pursue a strategic partnership, and subsequently embarked on shared strategic goals and research and teaching opportunities in 2019.  


Penn State and the University of Auckland published a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking proposals to foster collaborative, sustainable, self-supporting research and education/teaching programs. The 2020 Collaboration Development Fundprovides seed monies to faculty groups for up to 18 months of what is expected to become long-term programs integrating academics and students from both universities. 

The projects focus on both research and education/teaching, leveraging complementary capabilities of the universities to create research and learning opportunities not possible without the partnership.   

The Office of Global Programs has announced that eight projects have been funded and officially commence in June of this year. Grant recipients will have the opportunity to help shape the direction and future investment in the university collaboration at the level of an institutional partnership and contribute to the universities’ vision and strategic goals.   

Funded projects include: 

Project Title 

Penn State Lead 

Lead Department 

New Materials and Electronics for Wearable Energy Harvesting 

Zoubeida Ounaies 

Mechanical Engineering 

A Platform for Advancing Computational Neuromuscular Modelling of Human and Animal Movement 

Jonas Rubenson 


EDGE Collaboration 

Tiffany MacQuarrie 

English, Penn State Beaver 

“Invest in People. Literally”: The Rise of Income Share Agreements as an Alternative to Student Loans in US Higher Education 

Emily Rosenman 


Redesign of Membrane Proteins for Molecular Selection 

Costas Maranas 

Chemical Engineering 

Aeroacoustics of Ducted UAV Propellers 

Eric Greenwood 

Aerospace Engineering 

Re-Engineering Anaerobic Treatment Processes for Novel Functionalities 

Meng Wang 

Energy and Mineral Engineering 

Coupling Low-Cost Sensor Arrays with Micropollutant Analysis for Developing a Robust Surface Water Quality Monitoring Network 

Alandra Kahl 


Civil and Environmental Engineering Penn State Greater Allegheny 

Key Activities

Penn State and the University of Auckland conducted an academic workshop in late November 2019.  The workshop provided an opportunity for academics from both universities to come together to develop cross-university collaborative ideas for joint research proposals.  Penn State Provost Nick Jones welcomed all workshop participants at the event via Zoom.  

Highlights of the Partnership

The University of Auckland and Penn State’s Office of Global Programs organized a joint kick-off workshop in November 2019. Read more here: