Students Concerns

Are students responsible for their own travel record?

Students are responsible for recording themselves, unless advised by their program that their record has been completed for them. If student information is entered by program administrators, each student will receive an email confirmation of the completed record.

What is the difference between group participation and an individual record?

Group Participants will recieve an e-mail from the TSN database indicating that a record has been started for them. These records are tied to a specific program name, and to the group management site. Some participants on the trip may have a supervisory component. The requirements for these trips may be different from those on an individual trip record.

Individual Records are for students, faculty, or staff travelling for University purposes (e.g. conference attendance, presentation, volunteer service, or research) where they are traveling either by themselves or together but without a supervisory component. In instances where the individuals are traveling together they are may/may not be arriving/departing at similar times. The agenda's may/may not be the same.

If you are unsure about which type of traveler you are please contact the Global Travel Safety Office at 814-863-8788. 

My parents have concerns about my safety while studying abroad. Who should they contact?

We encourage students to communicate directly with family members.   However, in an emergency or crisis the TSN staff will use their best judgment in informing parents, respecting all privacy laws.

Why do I have to buy travel insurance?

Penn State’s International Insurance Policy coverage provides:

  • Evacuation for political, medical, and natural disasters.
  • Guarantee of payment for healthcare emergencies overseas
  • Access to travel resources regarding healthcare and current events