Student Group Travel

Student Group Travel

Under University Policy FN20, “student group travel” is defined as a trip of two or more students accompanied by a university employee with a purpose that is relevant to the university's academic mission. Each trip must be approved at the appropriate University level, and a University employee is required to accompany the group. The employee is in charge of the activity and must be acting within the scope of his or her employment.

All Student Group travel must be approved by the University and meet specific requirements dependent on the type of travel that will occur. Please refer to the section of the website which refers to the type of travel you wish to take in order to determine the specific requirements for your trip.

There are 3 basic types of Student Group Travel: Education Abroad, Recognized Student Organization, and University Sponsored Travel.

Students who are traveling on these programs should recieve advice and travel requirements from Education Abroad, the Global Safety Office, and/or from their trip leader. If a student is unsure who to contact they may call 814-863-8788 for assistance.

Recognized Student Organzitions wishing to travel may contact the Office of Student Activities (814-863-3786) at University Park or the Office of Student Affairs/Student Life at Commonwealth Campuses for additional information.