Joint Research Centers

Joint Research Centers must be established in accordance with University Policy RAG18 - Establishing Research Institutes, Consortia, and Centers. This policy is designed to provide guidance to University personnel in the creation of Research Institutes, Consortia and Centers, and the establishment of an Industry Membership Program. Everyone involved in the international research collaboration should be familiar with Penn State’s global operations support.

Process for developing joint research center agreements

  • Colleges and campuses are asked to contact Global Programs and seek internal approval from the dean or campus chancellor (with preliminary support from the Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses when applicable).  
  • New joint research centers also need the approval of the Vice President for Research and other administrative units at Penn State.  
  • Global Programs will provide a draft agreement and coordinate the Penn State approval and signing process.
  • Establishing a joint research center is a lengthy process. This type of agreement takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. The timeline to develop and complete this type of agreement depends on the complexity of the collaboration, availability of resources, and U.S. export control laws.

To initiate the process for developing an international agreement that includes a joint research center, contact Global Programs at