Current/Potential Sponsors

Penn State University is a top tier research institution, consistently ranked among the top 100 universities globally, and receiving over $800 million annually for research. Penn State prepares international students to become leaders in their fields on a global scale. Our graduates join an extensive network of 700,000 alumni which stretches to all corners of the globe. Penn State University has been a top destination for international sponsored students for several decades.

Sponsored Relations assists sponsors with the development, placement, advising, and general support of international sponsored student programs. We provide highly personalized services, with a focus on accuracy and efficiency, while addressing the needs of our sponsoring organizations. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

Financial Guarantees

For new or potential sponsors, Sponsored Relations provides support in developing financial guarantees. Financial Guarantees are required for each sponsored student and should outline the financial scope of the sponsorship.