Agreements Process: General Overview

Collaborations are typically initiated by Penn State academic colleges and campuses.  The dean or chancellor or other designated college/campus representative must approve the collaboration before Global Programs can start the university-wide agreement approval process. Colleges and campuses are responsible for implementing the agreement in accordance with Penn State policies and applicable laws.

Global Programs will coordinate the review and approval of all international collaboration agreements with the necessary units at Penn State.  Once all approvals have been gathered, Global Programs will coordinate the signing process.

Concluding an agreement can take a considerable amount of time, depending on the complexity of the planned activity and of any legal or academic issues.  Any deadlines, such as grant deadlines or dates for signing ceremonies, should be clearly communicated to Global Programs well in advance of deadlines.

Global Programs has a variety of agreement templates which are updated regularly.  Colleges and campuses are strongly encouraged to use only templates provided by Global Programs.  The use of out-of-date Penn State templates or non-Penn State templates will significantly prolong the approval process.