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A famous Pennsylvanian, Benjamin Franklin, once said that we cannot be certain of anything except death and taxes.  Know that we are all subject to taxation in the U.S.  Even as an international student and scholar in the U.S., you are subject to taxes.  In some cases your tax obligation matches that of everyone in the U.S., and in some cases, you will have different rules. 

F-1 students and J-1 students and scholars will receive email instructions on calculating residency and other details as soon as information is available.  You may find the information below as a starting point while you wait.

Immage of a 100 dollar bill. photo credit: George A. Voudouris via Flickr cc

Types of Taxes

Determining Whether You are a Non-resident or Resident for Federal Tax Purposes

Information for Non-Residents for Tax Purposes

Information for Residents for Tax Purposes

Income Tax Forms

Volunteer Assistance Programs